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Americans, at least, have filed for unemployment, as of May 15.
U-COV unemployment rate. New numbers will be announced soon.
million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19 as of May 17.
Americans have contracted and successfully recovered from COVID-19 as of May 17.
U.S. coronavirus-related deaths as of May 17.

The ReopenAmerica Project
is a platform to bring balance and data to the public.

We need sound, data-driven decisions that bring balance to combatting pandemic responses from officials and executives.

Data + Balance = Leadership

Our platform brings people together to forward conversations about getting America back up and running and helps amplify leaders who are making it possible to better navigate politics, public health and economic policies.

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It's time to demand accountability, data and insights from our elected officials, state agencies and the people who are supposed to be working for Coloradans.




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We bring together advocates, citizen lobbyists, elected leaders, media and experts from across the political spectrum to engage in issue-driven and data-conscious discourse to produce solutions, unity and informed decisions. 

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Saving lives and livelihoods is imperative -- and so is being informed.

National Coronavirus Recovery Commission

The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission will help shape the work of decision-makers at the highest levels of government and inform the public about the policies that should be implemented for navigating toward the recovery and restoration from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how your coronavirus stimulus check affects your taxes

Stimulus checks are landing in the bank accounts of about 80 million taxpayers this week, providing welcome relief to Americans suffering from lost income and jobs. But many are also wondering how the checks — called “Economic Impact Payments” by the IRS — will impact their taxes.
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