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  • 3 Key Benefits of the Emsella Chair for Women

    28 September 2022

    The muscles in your pelvic floor, in many ways, are just like the other muscles in your body. They can lose strength and tension for various reasons. This can lead to a variety of issues including incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and embarrassment. There are a variety of treatment options for pelvic floor weakness. One that's becoming more and more common is called Emsella. It's a treatment that serves to strengthen the pelvic floor by stimulating the muscles in the region with electromagnetic energy.

  • Why See A Primary Care Doctor Who Emphasizes Holistic Health

    15 August 2022

    Your primary care physician should be a doctor who you feel comfortable around, and who shares an interest in keeping you as healthy and happy as possible. As such, there are primary care doctors with many different interests and specialties. Here are some benefits of looking for one who has a background and emphasis on holistic health. They focus on your whole body. "Holistic" means "whole." Doctors who practice holistic medicine are interested in treating you as a whole person, not as a collection of parts.

  • Four Benefits Of 5000-Mg CBG-Enhanced Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

    12 July 2022

    CBD products are popular for pain relief, relaxation, and mood management. CBD extract is derived from hemp plants, which also contain other cannabinoids, such as THC and CBG. Fortunately, consumers can take advantage of full-spectrum CBD products that are enhanced with CBG and other effective phytochemicals. Here are four benefits of 5000-mg CBG-enhanced full-spectrum CBD tinctures: 1. Experience Relief From High-Potency CBD Tinctures  High-potency full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain a large percentage of CBD and other helpful cannabinoids by volume.

  • Choosing A New Stashbox

    6 June 2022

    For individuals that enjoy consuming cannabis products, it can be common for them to want to have a stashbox that will be able to safely store these items. When you are in the market for a new cannabis stashbox, it can be worth considering a few important factors before you make a choice about the box that you choose to buy.  Areas For Humidity Control Packets Cannabis products can degrade very quickly if they are exposed to high humidity levels.

  • Taking A Holistic Approach To Improving Wellness

    4 May 2022

    Are you tired of feeling drained of your energy and unproductive in your life but you don't know how to turn things around? If you can't pinpoint what is making you feel so drained, but know you do not have any serious health conditions, you might need to work on your overall well-being. For example, you should consider your physical, mental, and spiritual health while you are working on making improvements in your life.

  • How Somatic Attachment Counseling Helps With Trauma

    4 April 2022

    Some people experience trauma many times throughout their lives, with these emotions often being hard for people to process appropriately. Unfortunately, this may lead to lingering negative emotions that make a person's life challenging. Thankfully, somatic attachment therapy can teach these people how to let go of negative emotions and live happier and healthier lives. Ways Somatic Attachment Therapy May Help With Trauma Traumatic experiences can cause many emotional problems that may linger in a person's life.

  • 4 Important Things To Understand About CBD Tinctures

    28 March 2022

    CBD comes in many different forms. One of the forms that you can purchase CBD in is tinctures. Tinctures are generally packaged in a glass container with a dropper, giving them an old-school look. Even though they have an old-school look, there are many new school benefits of using CBD tinctures.  CBD Comes from the Cannabis Plant  CBD comes from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant contains numerous cannabinoids. One of the cannabinoids that most people are familiar with is THC.