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3 Key Benefits of the Emsella Chair for Women

by Isaiah Simmmons

The muscles in your pelvic floor, in many ways, are just like the other muscles in your body. They can lose strength and tension for various reasons. This can lead to a variety of issues including incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and embarrassment. There are a variety of treatment options for pelvic floor weakness. One that's becoming more and more common is called Emsella. It's a treatment that serves to strengthen the pelvic floor by stimulating the muscles in the region with electromagnetic energy. Here are some benefits of Emsella.

Emsella is non-invasive.

Many women hesitate to tell their doctors about their pelvic floor weakness because they fear the treatments will be invasive or painful. This is a delicate region, and the idea of surgery or even injections in the area can be intimidating. Emsella, thankfully, is non-invasive and definitely non-surgical. The electromagnetic impulses are delivered through a special chair. You simply sit on the chair and relax throughout your treatment. You'll feel the muscles in your pelvic floor contracting and relaxing, but this should not be painful. Some women find it a little tingly.

Emsella works pretty quickly.

Most women do not need months of ongoing treatments to see the benefits of Emsella. Those with mild incontinence and weakness might only need one session. Most women need a couple of sessions, spaced a week or two apart. This gives the muscles time to recover and strengthen between treatments. Seeing improvements after each treatment tends to make patients excited for the next one.

Emsella addresses multiple pelvic floor problems.

Emsella does not just work on one or two muscles of the pelvic floor. Since you sit on the delivery system, the impulses go through practically all of the muscles in the region. As such, any problems you have in this region are addressed. If you suffer from incontinence and sexual dysfunction due to weak vaginal muscles, both problems should be addressed. If you struggle with fecal control, that will be addressed, too. There's no need for multiple treatments for these various issues. You can have one treatment and see improvements in several avenues.

Non-invasive medical treatments have become so much more common and effective in recent years. Emsella is an example of that. If you're struggling with any problem related to pelvic floor weakness, talk to your doctor about this treatment. There's really no reason to undergo surgery or more invasive treatments anymore.

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