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Questions People Have When They Come Across Monarda Essential Oil

by Isaiah Simmmons

Essential oils have become quite popular lately. People use them for aromatherapy, and some even use them orally or topically. One you might come across especially often is called monarda essential oil. This oil is often seen in pharmacies. Even stores that don't carry other essential oils sometimes carry monarda essential oil. Here are some questions you might have when you come across it.

What is monarda? 

Monarda is the name of a type of flower. More specifically, it is known as Monarda fistulosa. It is a shrub-like plant with big, fragrant blossoms. The essential oil is extracted from the blossoms, and it shares their citrusy scent. You may sometimes see monarda called bee balm because it is very attractive to bees.

What does monarda essential oil help treat?

Monarda essential oil is a very versatile oil. People most often use it for respiratory ailments. It is said to help calm the airways and ease congestion. As such, people will use monarda essential oil when they have a respiratory infection such as the flu or common cold. Some people with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD also find monarda essential oil helpful.

Monarda essential oil has also been used to combat various skin conditions. Some people use it for eczema and dry skin. Others find it helps ease discomfort associated with sunburn or windburn.

Another use for monarda essential oil is to aid with sleep. People use it before bedtime as a natural sleep aid. They find it helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How do you use monarda essential oil?

The best way to use this oil is often to diffuse it into your room. You can add a few drops to a diffuser, or you can dilute the oil with lots of water and simmer it on the stove, in a pot. 

If managing a skin condition, you can use monarda essential oil topically. Dilute it with a carrier oil, like olive oil or almond oil, before applying it. This will ensure it is not too strong and harsh.

Some people do ingest monarda essential oil but make sure yours is labeled for oral use before doing so.

With these questions answered, you should now feel more confident and informed should you choose to buy monarda essential oil. It is popular for good reasons; it goes a long way toward managing various health conditions. 

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