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3 Things Your Midwife Can Help With During Pregnancy

by Isaiah Simmmons

More and more women are choosing to work with a midwife during their pregnancy. This trained professional walks beside you more closely than your average OBGYN. While they generally oversee your physical health and the health of your baby, they also focus on your mindset throughout your pregnancy. This can make all of the difference when it's time to give birth. So, what exact things can your midwife help you with during pregnancy? Here are a few of the key elements:

1. Pregnancy Symptoms  

Everyone experiences pregnancy symptoms a little differently. So, quite often, women will wonder if what they are experiencing during pregnancy is "normal" or not. Your midwife can always weigh in on this. You can call them up, describe what you're feeling, and receive real-time feedback. If what you're dealing with is normal, your midwife may be able to give you some advice for calming down the symptom or making it less of a nuisance. If what you're experiencing is a sign that something is amiss, then your midwife can ensure you get the medical testing and care you need.

2. Nutritional Advice

So often, moms-to-be are told, "you're eating for two!" But pregnancy nutrition is so much more complicated than that. You want to know what foods to eat. You want to know how much to eat. You're not sure why certain foods don't appeal to you anymore. A midwife can talk you through the basics of pregnancy nutrition and help ensure you're eating what you should and avoiding the foods you need to avoid. They may also be able to recommend nutritional and herbal supplements.

3. Birth Prep

Giving birth is not always easy, but it is always better if you know what to expect. A midwife can give you an expert description of what you can expect, and what you might encounter. Often, a midwife can walk through the birth process with your partner, too. When they know what to expect, they can do a better job of holding your hand — physically and metaphorically — during labor and delivery. Midwives are generally there when you give birth, too, which can give you a lot of comfort.

Working with a midwife during your pregnancy can be a great way to stay comfortable and well during this process. You can rely on your midwife to discuss symptoms, guide the birth process, and offer nutritional advice.