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Simple Herbal Remedies For Occasional Nausea

by Isaiah Simmmons

When the occasional bout of nausea comes on, it can keep you from doing the things that you want or need to do. There are anti-nausea medications available that can help, but if you would rather avoid these substances, you may want to consider herbal medicine. The following are some simple herbal remedies that can help with occasional bouts of nausea.


Peppermint is a commonly used herb that can go a long way in settling an upset stomach. If you can find fresh or dried peppermint leaves, then you can easily make peppermint tea. Put five or six peppermint leaves in a cup, then pour in about 6 ounces of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for about 10 minutes. Then, remove the leaves and slowly sip the tea. Inhaling the peppermint-scented fumes from the tea can be helpful, too.

If you can't find peppermint leaves, you can instead make a drink by adding 2 - 3 drops of peppermint oil to a mug of hot water. The effects may not be as potent, but you should still enjoy relief from your nausea.


Fennel is an herb you may already have in your spice cabinet, as it is a common ingredient in sausage and some Italian dishes. It's good for relieving nausea — especially when the nausea is related to pregnancy, menstruation, or hormonal fluctuations. The easiest way to take fennel is to simply swallow a pinch of fennel seed, washed down with a few sips of water. If you find that fennel works for you and that you're using it often, you may want to look for fennel capsules at your local health food store. These make dosing easier. 


Ginger has long been known for its stomach-settling properties. In fact, ginger candies have been made for this specific purpose. If you can find some of these ginger candies, then sucking on one is a convenient way to relieve nausea. Otherwise, you can make your own ginger infusion by placing about a teaspoon of minced ginger in a mug and pouring a cup of boiling water over it. If you find the flavor a bit strong, there's nothing wrong with adding a teaspoon of sugar or honey to the mix. 

Nausea can get to you, but there are herbs that can help. All three of the remedies above are readily accessible, and as they are foods people consume regularly, you can count on them to be safe.