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Top Things You Should Know About Getting Dressed For Your IV Drip Therapy Appointment

by Isaiah Simmmons

You might have already looked into IV drip therapy before scheduling an appointment since you might have wanted to learn as much about it as possible. Now that you've learned more about how beneficial it can be and how easy it is, you might be ready to schedule your appointment. There might be one last thing that you're curious about, though: how you should dress for your appointment. It's not as complicated as you might think, but you might feel more comfortable and make better wardrobe decisions for your appointment if you know the following things.

You Shouldn't Have to Wear a Gown

If you're going to a facility for an IV drip therapy appointment, you might assume that you will be expected to wear a medical gown during the process, similar to what you might have worn during hospital visits and doctor's appointments in the past. However, this usually is not necessary. Instead, you will be able to wear your normal clothes throughout your entire appointment at most facilities, so you will want to consider this when picking your outfit for the day.

You Should Wear Short Sleeves

Obviously, the technician who will be hooking up your IV will need to have access to your arm in order to do their job, and they won't be able to insert the IV through your sleeves. You can get away with wearing a long-sleeve shirt if you can roll the sleeves up, but this can be a pain and can even stretch out your shirt. Instead, you may want to wear short sleeves so there aren't any problems.

Consider Wearing Loose, Comfortable Pants

You're going to be sitting in the chair to receive your IV drip therapy for a couple of hours in most cases, so you probably will not want to wear pants that are tight or uncomfortable. The seats are often made of easy-to-clean vinyl or leather, so you might find that shorts or a skirt are uncomfortable, since your skin might "stick" to the surface of the chair. Loose, comfortable pants -- such as sweatpants or yoga pants -- are often a great choice.

You May Want to Bring a Small Blanket

Although this certainly is not a necessity, you may want to bring along a small blanket when it's time for your IV drip therapy appointment. Of course, you probably will not want to fuss with a big comforter or quilt, but a small throw blanket that can be rolled up and put in your bag might come in handy. Some clinics where IV drip therapy is administered are a bit chilly, so having a small throw blanket -- or even a shawl or jacket that you can throw over your legs during your treatment -- is not a bad idea.

Contact a local IV therapy clinic to get more tips.