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Ways To Use Monarda Essential Oil If You Don't Have A Diffuser

by Isaiah Simmmons

Monarda essential oil is most often used for aromatherapy. Its light, citrus scent is said to help refresh the mind and body. It is also said to help clean the air and combat infectious bacteria and other pathogens. The easiest way to use monarda essential oil is to add it to a diffuser. But what if you don't have a diffuser? Here are some alternative ways you can enjoy the scent and benefits of this essential oil.

Create Potpourri

This is actually a great way to use monarda essential oil during cold and flu season. It helps keep your air clear of harmful pathogens that could get you ill. Place some pine cones or cedar chunks in a bag, and add a few drops of monarda essential oil. Shake the bag around to distribute the oil, and then pour the items out into a bowl. They should slowly impart their scent to the room. You'll notice the scent beginning to wane after a week or two, and at that point, you can put the items back into the bag, add some more monarda essential oil, and shake them up again.

Steam It in a Pot

This is basically the old-fashioned way of diffusing essential oils into your home before the days of diffusers. Start by filling a big pot with water. Add a couple of drops of monarda essential oil to the pot, and bring the water to a simmer. Let the pot simmer away, filling your home with the monarda fragrance. This is a good way to use this essential oil when you've had someone ill in your home and want to clean the air. It also works well if you want to give your home a nice, citrusy scent before a party or an open house.

Create a Facial Steam Bath

What if you mostly want to treat yourself with the monarda essential oil without scenting your whole home? Then, you can fill a pot with boiling water, add a few drops of monarda essential oil, and place your head over the pot. Moisten a towel, and drape it over the back of your head, creating a tunnel through which the steam can travel. Inhale deeply, again and again.

While a diffuser makes it easy to use monarda essential oil, there are other options. Try creating a facial steam bath, making your own potpourri, or steaming a pot of water.