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Common Concerns About Pets And CBD

by Isaiah Simmmons

CBD is gaining popularity as a potential method of treating symptoms like pain, joint stiffness, and even more intense and dangerous symptoms, like seizures. While the exact science behind these benefits isn't fully understood just yet, some people swear by using CBD for themselves as well as their pets. If you've been interested in treating your pet with CBD but are worried about potential side effects or other problems, this guide may help to reassure you.

Being 'High'

One common concern is that pets will get 'high' off of CBD. Chances are you've probably heard stories from time to time of pet owners leaving marijuana products out where their dogs or other pets have gotten ahold of it, resulting in bad side effects, including being 'high.' While this is a concern for marijuana and THC, it simply isn't for CBD.

CBD has no psychoactive effects on humans or pets. Being psychoactive is essentially a scientific term for having an impact on the way that one's mind or brain works. THC, another chemical in marijuana, is psychoactive, but CBD is not, so there's no danger of your pet getting high.

Unwanted Munchies

Another concern is that your pet may suddenly become extremely hungry after being treated with CBD. Once again, though, there's no real reason for this concern.

THC is ultimately the most responsible for triggering hunger and 'munchies' in humans. CBD can be helpful in getting people to eat by controlling problems like nausea, but it doesn't typically stimulate the appetite on its own. So if your pet is struggling with nausea due to something like cancer treatment or kidney disease, you may notice them eating more after taking CBD. However, it shouldn't become excessive — they'll just be more like their former, healthy self.


Finally, marijuana and other drugs carry strong concerns regarding becoming addicted. Humans and pets alike have the capability of becoming addicted, as the body is designed to enjoy dopamine, which products like marijuana can create or encourage the body to generate its own. Again, though, this is pot as an entire plant or the THC extract by itself.

Pet CBD has shown no indication that it carries a risk of addiction when taken by itself. Your pet isn't going to become dependent upon it or act abnormally because they haven't had some for a while. The benefits of CBD may only last as long as they're consuming it, but nothing bad will happen if they stop taking it.