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Delta 8 101: A Guide For New Users

by Isaiah Simmmons

There's a whole new kind of cannabis product showing up on store shelves. It's called delta 8. A form of THC, delta 8 is being incorporated into gummies and other edibles, and it is being sold — legally — in most states. But what is this new cannabinoid, who should use it, and how should they use it? Keep reading, and you'll discover the answers.

What is delta-8?

Delta 8 is another form of THC, the well-known psychoactive component in marijuana. The name "delta 8" just comes from a chemical difference in the molecule. Regular THC is technically known as delta-9 THC, but since it was the only THC widely known for a long time, people just started calling it THC. Delta-8 is legal in most states simply because it has not been made illegal like delta-9 THC. 

What are the effects of delta-8 THC?

The effects of delta-8 are similar to those of THC but less pronounced. Some would describe the effects as being halfway between those of CBD and THC. Specifically, if you take delta-8 gummies, here are the effects you can expect:

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Relief from nausea
  • Increased appetite

Who should take delta-8 THC gummies?

Really, delta-8 is suitable for anyone who wants to experience the effects above. It is really common among users who tried delta-9 THC but found its effects to be a bit too relaxing and intense for their preferences. Delta-8 provides a lot of the same health benefits without making users feel quite so tied to the couch.

People who suffer from anxiety benefit from delta-8. Taking a small, 5 mg gummy before an anxiety-inducing experience can really help keep them calm. Delta-8 can also help combat insomnia as it is an excellent sleep aid — and much less addictive than prescription sleep medications.

Delta-8 gummies are also helpful for pain relief, especially when the pain is caused by an inflammatory condition. They can take the edge off of arthritis pain or pain from an old injury. Many find them helpful for treating stress headaches and migraines. You can also take delta-8 gummies to help ease IBS symptoms. They not only reduce inflammation in the bowel but also help reduce feelings of nausea. 

If you think you could benefit from delta-8, give some gummies a try! They're pretty easy to find these days, and the effects are mild as long as you stick with a low dose. You could look for some delta-8 extract gummies 50 mg from a shop that sells cannabis products near you.