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What Should You Know About CBG Flower?

by Isaiah Simmmons

CBD is a well-known cannabinoid found in hemp plants. At first glance, CBG may look like a typo, but it actually refers to a different cannabinoid altogether. CBD stands for cannabidiol, while CBG stands for cannabigerol. Both cannabinoids have medicinal and recreational uses, but some people prefer the effects of CBG. If you'd like to take advantage of cannabigerol, you can look for a CBG flower that contains high concentrations of CBG. Here's what you should know about CBG flower:

1. CBG flower may contain trace amounts of THC.

CBG flower is a type of hemp bud that has been cultivated for its high percentage of cannabigerol. However, other cannabinoids will still be present in lesser concentrations. CBG flower also typically contains CBD, and it may contain small amounts of THC. If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, your CBG flower will likely be tested to ensure it has a suitably low concentration of THC. Still, you should be aware that some THC may be present. In general, CBG flower does not contain enough THC to cause psychoactive effects.

2. CBG flower can promote relaxation and euphoria.

It's good to be productive, but no one can be productive 24/7. Relaxation is important for your mental health. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time slowing down at the end of the day. CBG flower is a great tool for people who are workaholics by habit or nature. Smoking or vaping CBG flower can promote relaxation. You may find that CBG flower helps you enjoy your favorite activities more fully. 

3. CBG flower can soothe pain and anxiety.

Medical marijuana is commonly used to treat pain and certain mental illnesses. Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate this herb. Some people find that cannabis makes them feel anxious and unsettled. Luckily, CBG flower offers many of the same effects of cannabis without the unwanted side effects of mental impairment and anxiety. In fact, CBG flower can soothe pre-existing anxiety. People with panic disorders and generalized anxiety disorders may find that smoking CBG flower helps them stay calm.

4. CBG flower may be pricier than CBD flower.

You can purchase CBG flowers from online shops or natural health stores. CBG flower may be pricier than CBD flower because it must be harvested earlier in the growing season, which results in a more limited supply. However, most patients find that CBG flower is worth the cost.