Lockwood responds to media coverage on ReopeningAmerica

“The media’s coverage of the recent protests calling for reopening does nothing but exacerbate the division in our states and nation. We need to ensure that our leaders are promoting a strategy based on data and expertise that helps us save both lives and livelihoods. Anyone trying to make this a binary option of ‘reopen and die,’ or ‘endless lockdowns and live’ is not living in reality and is ignoring science and facts. We can protect vulnerable people that we love, and protect the safety, security and lives of those we care about who need to get back to work. There are serious health ramifications of the overly restrictive response to COVID-19, not to mention very serious, long-term, deleterious impacts on our culture, political system and nation.”

ReopenAmerica Project was mentioned in The New York Times, Yahoo! News, MSN News, The UK Independent, Boston News, and ABC-KAKE. The ReopenAmerica Project was dragged into media coverage on a protest in Sacramento, Calif., part of a wave hitting California officials, which brought together a wide swath of Californians.

Lockwood has been the spokesperson for over forty lawmakers and candidates, nonprofit organizations and graduated with his master’s degree in corporate communications and public relations from Georgetown University and his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has worked with members of both major political parties and worked with organizations like the ACLU, veterans groups, and cultural groups for minorities. 

“People try to label others with slurs, put them in boxes, and thanks to the democratization of communications and public policy, media, and so much more–we are now more able than ever to have our voices heard, and break through false narratives, artificial paradigms, and expand our potential as a society,” added Lockwood. “I created the ReopenAmerica Project to give a voice to rational conversation on a serious issue facing Americans. As this project continues to grow, I’m excited to see who will become a part of it and to see it evolve.”


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