Linthicum joins ReopenAmerica Project

Linthicum joins ReopenAmerica Project


Jonathan Lockwood


ReopenAmerica Project forming national coalition

PORTLAND, Ore.—ReopenAmerica Project is gaining traction and announced Oregon Senate Republican Deputy Leader Dennis Linthicum joined the project Sunday. The coalition will generate and open communication lines in an effort to help support other members’ efforts in their states.

“The ReopenAmerica Project was formed to amplify voices advocating for prudence and discernment while focusing on a balanced, data-driven approach for getting America back to work,” said Jonathan Lockwood, the coalition’s founder.

“The need for a unified message regarding the benefits, dignity, stability, and upward personal mobility arising from America’s main street economy needs a strong voice given the biased reporting we witness regarding various state and federal efforts,” said Linthicum.

Linthicum addressed the lack of balance in his constituent newsletter this week, in which he charged the restrictions across the nation are politically motivated. 

“We are allowing those with no vested interest in our home, retail or industrial businesses to quarantine and shutter our enterprises when it should be our own responsibility,” added Linthicum. “The government cannot save us, but they can certainly destroy our livelihoods.”

The coalition is a social platform and will be exploring how to move forward as needed in response to how the lockdowns and coronavirus crisis unfolds. Lockwood will be interviewing lawmakers and others in the coming weeks as states work to reopen.

“Having members of leadership in the Legislature is a tremendous asset to the project and we are thankful for Sen. Linthicum joining our efforts to Reopen America,” added Lockwood.


About ReopenAmerica Project

ReopenAmerica Project is a nonpartisan coalition of lawmakers, business leaders, health care workers, influencers and citizens who believe in a sound, data-driven and balanced approach to getting America back up and running.

Data is only as good as its inputs. In a crisis, leadership depends on quality data that informs solutions that weigh all of the costs and opportunities involved in taken actions. 

ReopenAmerica Project is a communications platform that shares commentary, data and news to forward an open conversation about public health and economic policies, rulemaking and executive decisions. 

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