About Us

ReopenAmerica Project is a nonpartisan coalition of lawmakers, business leaders, health care workers, influencers and citizens who believe in a sound, data-driven and balanced approach to getting America back up and running.

Data is only as good as its inputs. In a crisis, leadership depends on quality data that informs solutions that weigh all of the costs and opportunities involved in taken actions. 

ReopenAmerica Project is a communications platform that shares commentary, data and news to forward an open conversation about public health and economic policies, rulemaking and executive decisions. 

The founder of ReopenAmerica Project, Jonathan Lockwood, has served as a spokesperson for elected officials and he has held numerous fellowships with leading think tanks, and graduated with a master’s degree in public relations and corporate communications from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

ReopenAmerica Project
believes in:
-public health,
-transparency, and

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