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Choosing A New Stashbox

by Isaiah Simmmons

For individuals that enjoy consuming cannabis products, it can be common for them to want to have a stashbox that will be able to safely store these items. When you are in the market for a new cannabis stashbox, it can be worth considering a few important factors before you make a choice about the box that you choose to buy. 

Areas For Humidity Control Packets

Cannabis products can degrade very quickly if they are exposed to high humidity levels. This is particularly true for those that are buying fairly large amounts of cannabis. Over the weeks, this cannabis can start to degrade at a rapid rate. Luckily, many stashboxes will have areas that can be used to store humidity control packets. These packets can be a simple and effective option for keeping the humidity levels inside the stashbox within an acceptable range.

Organizational Features Inside The Stashbox

There are many items that you may want to keep in your stashbox. In addition to the cannabis products that you are planning to use, you may also need to have a place to store pipes, lighters, rolling papers, and any other items that you may wish to use. One option for managing this need can be to choose a box that is divided into different sections. These various sections can allow you to store these items away from each other. In addition to making it much easier to find these items when you need them, you can reduce the risk of glass pipes or other fragile items accidentally breaking or cracking due to bumping into each other when the box is being moved.

Options For Securing The Stashbox

Any cannabis products that you keep in your home should be securely stored. In addition to reducing the risks of these items being stolen by guests in your home, this can also keep children away from these products. Luckily, many stashboxes include locking mechanisms that will allow the contents of the box to be kept safe from being accessed by children or other unauthorized individuals. When choosing a lock, it can be tempting to choose one that uses a key, but this may be among the less secure options as it could be possible for someone to find the key and use it. Additionally, there could be a risk of you losing the key, which may make it very difficult to open the box. Rather, a combination lock can be a more effective solution for these containers.

For more information on stashboxes, such as a bamboo stash box, contact a local dispensary.