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How Somatic Attachment Counseling Helps With Trauma

by Isaiah Simmmons

Some people experience trauma many times throughout their lives, with these emotions often being hard for people to process appropriately. Unfortunately, this may lead to lingering negative emotions that make a person's life challenging. Thankfully, somatic attachment therapy can teach these people how to let go of negative emotions and live happier and healthier lives.

Ways Somatic Attachment Therapy May Help With Trauma

Traumatic experiences can cause many emotional problems that may linger in a person's life. Like somatic attachment therapy, various treatments may help with this recovery process. Attachment therapy identifies a person's unhealthy attachments to find ways of overcoming them or increasing their attachments to essential life factors. This therapy can:

  • Release Stored Tensions: Somatic attachment therapy focuses on a person's stored tensions and emotions, including any problematic struggles with various feelings attached to trauma. Somatic therapists work an individual through these difficulties to help them release these tensions and feel better.
  • Help the Body Process Emotions: The human body reacts heavily to the emotions it feels and, when not processing them correctly, may experience physical and psychological reactions. Thankfully, somatic attachment therapy teaches people to better process these emotions by releasing painful, traumatic attachments.
  • Produce Longer-Lasting Relationships: Positive emotions may be complicated after experiencing trauma, as some people may cling to the negative experiences and fail to let in positive ones. This situation may make new relationships very hard and short-lived without help. Thankfully, somatic attachment therapy teaches people positive emotion processing.
  • Increase Relationship Attachments: People going through trauma may experience relationship troubles that may cause them to suffer even more. Thankfully, somatic attachment therapy can help by teaching people how to make better relationship attachments, including choosing healthier emotions in their everyday life as people.

Somatic attachment therapy can be done in multiple settings, including individual, group, and family counseling. Therapists may provide this care to anybody who experienced a trauma, including families who experienced the loss of a loved one and who developed similar symptoms. Working together may help improve this therapy method and its efficiency.

Finding a Therapist

People interested in this therapy can reach out to many counseling professionals, including specialized therapists who can provide somatic attachment therapy. Some counselors may also learn this technique and receive a new license or certificate from their state, making it easier to integrate this care option into their therapy and help their clients recover. 

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