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Hashish: An Overview

by Isaiah Simmmons

Cannabis is a popular plant today. Its popularity mainly arises from research outcomes, which suggest that Cannabis has many health benefits, including treating and alleviating chronic pain, alcohol and opioid dependencies, cancer, multiple sclerosis, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders. That is why its medical use is now legal in at least 37 states.  This piece introduces you to one of the most common products of the cannabis plant: hashish (hash). Keep reading to discover more about this substance.

What is Hashish?

The hashish drug is a potent cannabis concentrate. Generally, manufacturers produce hash by compressing and processing specific hemp or cannabis plant parts. These parts include trichome-rich flowering buds. A collection of clean and pure loose trichomes is popularly known as kief. Most people consume hashish by smoking it in a vaporizer, bong, or pipe. But some prefer orally ingesting it adding it to the food they eat.

Popular Types of Hashish

The most popular types of hashish available today include:

1.       Dry sieve hash

Dry sieve hash is also known as dry sift hash. Manufacturers obtain this cannabis concentrate using an extraction process involving splitting trichomes from the cannabis plant's material using metal screens. The concentrate left behind by the process contains pure trichomes and all the chemical constituents present in the plant itself. Then, the trichomes go through several mesh screens designed to make them finer until there are no discernible inert plant material residues.

2.       Hash rosin

Simply put, rosin is the extraction of cannabis extraction. That means manufacturers double refine trichomes to get this concentrate. They do that using filter bags at specific temperatures and pressure levels. Therefore, it's safe to assume that hash rosin is high-quality hashish with incredibly fine particles. Since this type of hashish contains no vegetable matter, it melts when you vaporize or smoke it. If you want a product that will give you a significantly pronounced effect and comes with a top-notch, clean flavor profile, try hash rosin.

3.       Hand-rubbed hash

As you may have already surmised, the hand-rubbed hashish is made by rubbing a collection of cannabis plant flowers. Experts do that to collect resin, and they use nothing but a pair of latex gloves, which prevent hash from staining their forearms and clothing. They also start collecting immediately they spot the tiny crystalline cannabis trichomes that resemble hair.

4.       Bubble hash

Bubble hash is a form of hashish that professionals make using ice water and specially-designed sieves. The "bubble" in this cannabis concentrate's name comes from its tendency to boil when exposed to heat. In a nutshell, manufacturers use ice water because when cannabis is submerged in it and agitated, the trichomes break off, making collecting easier. 

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