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What to Expect When Smoking Sour Suver Haze Flower

by Isaiah Simmmons

Sour Suver Haze is a hemp varietal that is showing up all over the place these days. You can find it at local CBD stores, from online CBD distributors, and even at some health food stores that sell herbal remedies and the like. If you have purchased some Sour Suver or are thinking of buying some, you probably want to know what to expect. Here's a look. 

What to Expect: Flavor

If you're someone who chooses hemp varieties based on their flavor, then here's some good news: Sour Suver is known for its great flavor. This variety of hemp flower is known to taste mild and somewhat fruity. It has sour notes, as its name suggests, but it is not outright tart. It would be a good variety of hemp flower to try if you're brand new to smoking hemp as the flavor is not nearly as harsh as others you may encounter. It's also a good choice for those with sensitive palates.

What to Expect: Use

Sour Suver Hemp Flower tends to be a light, airy strain. Of course, this somewhat depends on how the flower is harvested and stored, but you'll rarely if ever, get really dense buds. This means that you should be able to break up and use the flower effectively even without a grinder, which makes Sour Suver good for on-the-go use. You will also need to be aware of how you're packing the flower into your pipe or other smoking device. You may need to pack it down a little more firmly than you would a denser, crunchier strain of hemp.

What to Expect: Effects

Of course, the reason most people choose a hemp strain is for its effects. Sour Suver is a CBD-rich strain that tends to be really mellow and relaxing. You won't feel high as the strain only ever contains tiny traces of THC if any at all. However, you can expect to feel your stress levels decrease and your worries fade away. People often use Sour Suver in the evening for this reason. However, if you're having a lot of stress and anxiety in the daytime, using a little of it can help take the edge off. Sour Suver is also known to be anti-inflammatory, so it can be a good choice for relieving arthritis pain and other inflammation-related pain.

The Sour Suver Haze flower is popular for a reason. Now that you know what to expect, you should be even more excited to use it.