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Signs You Should Give Medical Cannabis A Try

by Isaiah Simmmons

Medical cannabis can be used for so many different ailments and issues. But how do you know it is something you should try? A general guideline would be to say "if you want to try medical cannabis, you should." But if you need some more specific reasons to try it out, here are a few reasons that indicate it's a wise choice for you.

You're struggling with depression or anxiety

Medical cannabis is widely used to manage depression and anxiety, along with other similar mental health disorders. Since all of these mental health conditions are notoriously hard to treat, finding something that works is not easy. You might want to consider trying medical cannabis, an option that comes with few to no side effects. Generally, Indica strains work best for those with anxiety and Sativa strains work best for those with depression. Talk to your doctor before using medical cannabis in conjunction with any prescription medications, but know that generally, it is safe to do so.

You're using a lot of NSAIDs

NSAID medications, like ibuprofen and naproxen, are sold over the counter, which makes people believe they are safer than they actually are. In reality, these medications can cause a lot of side effects, from upset stomach to kidney damage — especially when you use them in larger doses or very often. If you're using a lot of NSAIDs for pain and are beginning to worry about side effects, then it is worth trying medical cannabis. Cannabis can help keep your pain under control without the side effects you get with NSAIDs. Hybrid strains with a high CBD content tend to be best for pain.

You have an ongoing ailment that you've been unable to manage with prescription medications

Do you have a condition that your doctor has struggled to find an effective prescription for? This often happens to patients with conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Don't stop your prescriptions without first talking to your doctor, but do talk to your doctor about trying medical cannabis. While some doctors do not yet fully understand how and why medical cannabis works, it has worked for many patients who have not responded to various other, more conventional meds, so it's worth a try!

Medical cannabis is readily accessible in most states where it is legal. It's quite safe, affordable, and a good option for anyone looking for a different way to manage their pain and other symptoms. Contact a local medical cannabis service to learn more.