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FAQ About Seeing A Holistic Nutritionist

by Isaiah Simmmons

If you want advice regarding your diet and eating habits, there are a few different routes you could take. You could reach out to a dietitian or a personal trainer with experience in nutrition. Or, you could work with a holistic nutritionist. The field of holistic nutrition has become more common in recent years, but you may still have some of the following questions before you hire one of these pros.

What does "holistic" mean in the context of nutrition?

The term "holistic" in general just means "whole." When applied to the field of nutrition, the term holistic suggests that the practitioner takes a whole-body approach. Rather than just recommending nutrients that may benefit your eyes, for example, they'll recommend foods and meals that are good for your whole body. Since all parts of the body are related and function together, a problem with one organ or system can lead to problems with others. Holistic nutrition takes this into account, acknowledging that to help one part function better you need to help all parts function better.

What problems can holistic nutritionists help with?

Almost every health problem can be addressed, at least partially, through dietary changes. Of course, the type of dietary changes you'll want to make after a cancer diagnosis may be quite different from those you'd make after a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. But a holistic nutritionist can work with you to make the dietary changes best suited to your own health. Note that nutritional therapy is not a substitute for any treatments your doctor recommends. It can, however, be excellent supplemental care.

Even if you are generally healthy, a holistic nutritionist can work with you to create a diet that helps you lose weight, increase your energy levels, perform better athletically, or reach whatever other goals you might have.

What will your first meeting with a holistic nutritionist be like?

During the first meeting, a holistic nutritionist usually focuses on evaluating your current health, diet, and lifestyle. They may want to meet you in your home so they can see, firsthand, what you are eating. You may be asked to fill out a 3-day diet record for more details, too. It's important to be really honest with your nutritionist so that they can then offer advice that's properly targeted to your needs.

Working with a holistic nutritionist is a smart way to make dietary changes. By considering the whole person, these nutritionists are prepared to help you excel, both mentally and physically. Reach out to a holistic nutritionist like Dr. Robert J Lichtenstein, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist in your area.