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Tips For Using CBD Massage Oil

by Isaiah Simmmons

CBD has the ability to be absorbed through your skin. So, when you use a product like CBD massage oil, you not only get superficial benefits but also internal and systemic ones. This is one reason why products like CBD massage oil are so useful. One massage with this oil can help ease chronic pain, promote better sleep, and ease stress. There are, however, a few tips you'll want to follow when using CBD massage oil.

Make sure both the giver and receiver want to embrace the benefits of CBD.

Since CBD is absorbed through the skin, it will also be absorbed through the hands of the person giving the massage. Make sure the person giving the massage knows this. They should receive some benefits from the massage oil, too, although those benefits may not be as intense since the oil won't be so spread out all over their body. You just don't want the person giving the massage to be alarmed if they start feeling extra relaxed or a little sleepy all of a sudden.

Reduce your oral dose of CBD if you use it.

If you normally take an oral form of CBD, or even if you vape CBD, you will want to use a bit less on the day you're planning to have a massage with CBD oil. The CBD in the massage oil will be active in your body in the same way as CBD you otherwise ingest. So, if you take as much as you normally take and also get a massage, you might be a little more sleepy than you'd prefer. 

Use the oil sparingly.

CBD massage oil is usually formulated at a pretty low concentration so it can be used all over the body without you getting too much CBD. However, you do still want to keep dosage in mind. If you're going to have an especially long massage and think the person giving your massage will need to apply oil more than once, you may want to keep a second, non-medicated oil on hand. They can use CBD for the first oil application, and then move on to the other oil if you feel like you've had enough CBD already.

CBD massage oil can help ease all sorts of different ailments. With the tips above, you and the person massaging you can use it to its full advantage without any adverse experiences.